African History Essay

African History Essay

Your essay should clearly separate your answer to each question by recalling the number of each question.  You should submit your answer in one single Word document.  Your entire essay should have 3 to 5 double spaced pages.  You must use what you need to answer each question completely.

No research is required to answer this question.  The course materials should be more than enough to provide you with the information needed to answer the question.  When referring to published documents (including this course’s textbook and additional readings, videotaped lectures, power point presentations, and films), you must cite them properly, following the author-date Chicago manual of Style (see the Welcome page on this website).

  1. What conceptions of Africa do you bring to the course? Be honest- theres no right or wrong answer.
  2. From what you have heard, read, or watched (films of various kinds), what are some common stereotypes held about Africa?

This assignment is graded according to your ability to identify and articulate a central theme, marshal evidence from the course’s materials to support the position outlined above as well as to show your ability to follow directions, present accurate information and cite examples from the text that you paraphrase. Finally, this assignment will be graded on your demonstrated ability to provide adequate explanation of historical context and adhere to the rules of English grammar.  For this assignment, I look for whether you have re-stated the thesis and whether you have developed logical paragraphs that explain how the examples you have chosen support your statement about the question’s focus/target.

I have attached the materials needed for the essay.