Any topic (writer’s choice)

Any topic (writer’s choice)

It needs to be done by Ms Project software

1.Create a MS Project file using your WBS as a start.

2.Create activities and sequencing, task relationships, constraints and resources

3.Add Project Management Processes to your WBS if you have not already done so. This will need to include the PM processes that would be consistent with the planning, executing, controlling, and closing activities.
You will need to create appropriate deliverables (adjective / noun format)
You will need to create appropriate activities (action verb / adjective / noun format)
Sequence the activities
You will need to estimate times (be sure to differentiate between duration & effort / work)

4.Sequence all your activities using the predecessors column, creating a closed network diagram (please see multimedia video in Lecture Folder showing you how to ensure you have a closed network diagram). At least 4 of your tasks relationships must be different than Finish to Start (insert a note on these tasks to explain the task relationship that you chose); remember, you should create a closed network diagram

5.Add lead time to at least 2 task relationships with explanatory note

6.Add lag time to at least 1 task relationship with explanatory note

7.Add a constraint to at least 2 tasks and provide a note explaining why the task is constrained (make certain that the constraint does not create a conflict in the project schedule)

8.View your critical path

9.Create a note in Line 1 of your MsProject file where you tell me what tasks are on the
critical path. It must be in this location. Be sure you tell me the correct critical path, which may or may not be the tasks highlighted in MsProject.

10.Display your project in Network Diagram view and save it so that it opens automatically in this view

11.Be sure to insert your Group number and assignment week in name of project file (Group 4_Week3.mpp)