Any topic (writer’s choice)

Any topic (writer’s choice)

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“Security Controls”  Please respond to the following:

Evaluate the impact on auditors if operating systems and networks are determined to lack adequate security controls. Suggest at least two controls that should be implemented to reduce the risk to data integrity and explain your answer.

Create an argument in support of establishing a policy for security violations so when breaches occur, the organization will be a position to prosecute the person committing the violation. Determine the types of security controls that should be implemented to reduce security violations and explain your answer.

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“Database Systems” Please respond to the following:

Assess the effectiveness of the grandparent-parent-child backup technique, providing suggestions for implementing such a system. Provide support for your suggestions.

From the e-Activity, evaluate three emerging issues that relate to the implementation of IT systems and the related impact on the fraud environment. Recommend a risk mitigation strategy associated with installing a new database system, and determine the impact of designing an effective internal control audit plan to determine if those risks have been identified.