Any topic (writer’s choice)

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Learning Outcomes This course aims to critically challenge students in three primary ways: 1) describe some of the historical narratives and cultural influences associated with Rap and Hip Hop music 2) identify aesthetic qualities of certain styles (historical and contemporary) and techniques of Rap and Hip Hop practitioners 3) engage in dialogue and discussion surrounding rap and hip hop music and lyrics through your own perspectives.

Week 3 literature –  Write 1 Paragraph about something you read from the following excerpts. These are relatively short reads and not too heavy on the theoretical stuff.

This weeks literature is centered around Soren Baker’s work on Gangsta Rap music – an important movement we will be looking at in the coming week.

Week 3 film – Write 1 Paragraph about something you saw in the film.

This weeks film is Pass the Mic! focuses on the Latinx community here in LA, CA and the early influences from the 80s and 90s that helped drive that scene. It is a documentary-style movie that features artists and practitioners from the LA scene during the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s.

The following URL will take you directly to the movie, however, make sure to be logged in to your university account or on a campus network to access through the streaming service Kanopy.  (

Week 3 listening –  Write 1 Paragraph about something you heard or watched from these playlists. Try and listen to each year and briefly discuss some things you notice 1) about one specific video and 2) any change over time you notice in sounds and aesthetics.