Any topic (writer’s choice)

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Question #1.

“Access and Growth of Adult Education, Training, and Lifelong Learning”  Please respond to the following:

From the readings, suggest at least three (3) ways that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 had an impact on access to higher education for American citizens. Investigate the impact that the law has had on your career as a student, or as a current or future educator. Respond to at least one (1) other student.

Question #2.

“Programs, Services, and Activities”  Please respond to the following:

Note: Choose one (1) of the following discussion topics to respond to.

Research volunteer organizations within your community. Select one (1) organization of interest to you, and examine the types of training that the organization uses to prepare its volunteers. Suggest one (1) recommendation for improvement to the training. If you do not believe the training needs improvement, specify the main reasons why you think it is effective in its current state. Respond to at least one (1) other student.
Research workforce training programs within your county or state. Investigate the ways that the county and / or state uses workforce training programs to address unemployment issues. Decide whether or not the workforce training programs are effective, and justify your decision. Respond to at least one (1) other student.