Any topic (writer’s choice)

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Finding evidence is key to any QI project & the DNP Scholarly Project.

Create a PICO question (Armstrong & Sables- Baus (2020) Ch 14) to research evidence needed to improve a process at your work place.

At least 2 databases should be utilized (Table 14.1).

Create an outline that includes: a PICO question, search terms used, & Boolean operators used in your literature search.

Draft a 1 paragraph narrative of your search conducted (using scholarly writing).

Also use this text book as one of  the references:

Armstrong, G., Sables-Baus, S., & PCNS-BC, C. P. P. S. (Eds.).(2020). Leadership and Systems Improvement for the DNP. Springer Publishing Company.

*Must be peer reviewed sources from the USA written in past 5 years