Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis

Identifying Behaviors for Change

The second Assignment consists of a 3 page paper demonstrating your ability to identify socially valid measurable and observable target behaviors for change. You will discuss your rationale for the social validity of each target behavior and discuss reliability issues associated with observational methods used in data collection.

Include the following in your paper:

For this assignment you will identify three different socially valid behaviors for change for a client. Provide a short introduction for each client. Each targeted behavior can increase or decrease but make sure you discuss the social validity associated for each type of change for the client. Explain which method/intervention you will use to increase or decrease behavior. Next, you will choose a different observational method (i.e., frequency, time sampling, and duration) and provide a rationale for choosing that observational method. Include a description of the advantages and disadvantages for the reliability for each observational method chosen. Support your reason for reliability (explain/back up with peer review how the method you chose is reliable or how to be sure). Finally, provide a specific thorough behavioral definition for each behavior.

In your paper, be sure to provide the following:

The full-text citation for your texts and articles to support your statements.
Theoretical introduction
Conclusion or summary
Be sure to use APA style throughout, with a range of 3 pages in total. Make sure to list your references at the end. An abstract is not required.

please open /click on the rubric attached to this to ENSURE every step/detail required is covered before submitting.