Assignment 2

Assignment 2

After you receive feedback from me, go through your draft and group the comments in two ways: higher-order concerns and lower order concerns–higher-order concerns have to do with organization and argument, while lower-order concerns refer to sentence-level issues. Some revisions make large changes to your paper (thesis, organization, etc) and some make smaller changes (errors, citation, etc.).

Write a one page plan that describes what changes you will be making to your draft before you submit the final copy. Be specific. For example, if you need to rework your thesis, dont just say Im going to write a better introduction. Tell me exactly what youre going to do; which specific parts are you changing and how. This will help you to actually make those revisions, but it also helps me to see how you are thinking and engaging with your own writing.

This paper must be in Times New Roman, 12 pt font, doublespaced and one page.

Review strategies for writing more effective sentences..
Review strategies for writing more effective paragraphs..
Review strategies for writing more effective essays..

This is her feed back on that paper???      This is a very well-written paper. However, I think you’re missing the heart of it! It’s great that you helped kids how to read, but you don’t give any specific examples as to HOW until the very end, and even then, they are just examples of different books. I have to stress again–this is a narrative. It should tell a story, like the essays you read for this module.

You don’t have to start all over, but there is no need to be so analytical with this particular paper. I want to see that you can tell a story and reflect on what you learned from your own experience.