behavioral teaching

behavioral teaching

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<Hi Chellsay! Wow – was not expecting APA formatted response!! Just a simple topic and audience would have sufficed. But this is great – you definitely have a lot of information you can use to further develop the plan. For this assignment, can you narrow down specifically one aspect that you would want to teach? The teaching plan should be constructed based on a single lesson that would take maybe an hour or so. This teaching plan assignment would be one of the many lessons that you could teach about this broad topic. I hope this makes sense. Please feel free to resubmit!>

******After completing the readings, reviewing the resources, and receiving approval of your topic and audience by the course faculty, please develop three (3) measurable behavioral objectives related to the topic for the lesson plan which is the foundation of your teaching project for this course using the ABCD method. Submit them on a word document via this assignment link….but NOTE: the BO’s will become part of your week 6 Teaching Project and incorporated in the Lesson Plan Template. The template *3 Behavioral Objectives.docx  is to act as a guideline for incorporating all components of the finished BO.

Use the following websites also as reference to complete this assignment:

*3 Behavioral Objectives.docx : To use as a guide when constructing your Behavioral Objectives( using ABCD method)

Instructional Goals and Objectives  (

Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domain