Benchmark- Going Global

Benchmark- Going Global

In support of your academic success, Abstracts are required on each of your papers. Your Abstract needs to identify specific changes you have made in your paper based upon your previous paper and your professors reviews. For your first paper in our course, please use the review of one of your papers from another course. Your Abstract needs to be comprised of 150 to 200 words and placed at the beginning of your paper.

Please write a thesis statement in the introduction and restate the thesis statement in the conclusion.This paper needs to be presented in active voice. For additional information and clarification, please review page 77 of the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the APA for additional information and clarification

Globalization affects the educational environment, requiring a sense of international mindedness through cross-cultural awareness and experiential learning. Global literacy expands the traditional social studies approach beyond the study of international geography thus creating and mobilizing a deeper level of international connectedness. For sustained success, teacher leaders must synthesize the notions of cultural literacy and global awareness into a model of global literacy. In this assignment, you will discuss global education.

Write a paper (1,150-1,500 words) in which you discuss global education. Address the following themes with support from the extant literature:

The current status of education in the global arena. How do cultural literacy and global awareness display in the current environment?
The challenges of literacy in the global arena.  Is a model of global literacy possible?
The challenges created by regulation in the global arena. How does regulation influence student outcomes? (Benchmarks C3.3: Evaluate the implications of internal and external regulations on outcomes.)
Proposed means to educate for and in the global community. How should teachers respond to the challenges of a global educational environment? (Benchmarks C4.2: Develop a response to the challenges and opportunities of teaching and learning inherent in a global environment.)