Case to Cause Letter

Case to Cause Letter


Student must choose a multi-media venue (may include, newspaper, blog, radio, NASW Newsletter, etc) or they may choose a legislator.
The venues or legislators may be local, state, or national.

Based on the social problem they have chosen in Assignment 2, students are to write a letter utilizing Hoefers Advocacy Practice-Chapter 7, Presenting Your Information Effectively (130-160) and Haynes Affecting Change-Chapter 7, Influence through Lobbying (pp. 108-127).

Using the examples in the texts as templates, students are to write a letter addressing the social problem and expressing their interest and concerns over the issue and its impact on the identified community.

Letters should meet criteria of professional documentation and respectful communication as delineated in both Hoefer and Haynes, and the newspapers editorial page policy.

Copy of submission must be submitted to instructor.

If a students letter is published, a student will earn five additional points to their grade. Documentation of publication will be required to verify the advocacy action.

It is recommended that you keep up with current events and news media on your topic. It is also informative to read the comments under online news articles to get a sense of the public dialogue on the topic and differing points of view. This will be important as you prepare to anticipate and refute counter-arguments as part of your persuasive writing strategy.