coding a 4 page website

coding a 4 page website

For this assignment, create a four page website using flexbox or CSS grid. The layout must adapt to the screen size. Remember design for mobile first.

You must create a responsive navigation. The navigation must adapt to the screen size.

Aim to have at least two media queries. The media queries should be based on the content.

You should have at least one responsive image for your site. The responsive image must be hidden for the smallest display (use display: none;) and resize appropriately for the medium and large displays.


The site should be an informational site. You can use content from wikipedia or from the public domain. If you are unsure, then create the site on Responsive Web Design using the content from wikipedia:

The home page should divide up the material into three classes or sections (article, main, aside…).  You can choose to add headings to these sections and modify the content as necessary to make it mobile first.

Make the site look beautiful using an appropriate colour theme and font(s).