Consulting Firm Criteria

Consulting Firm Criteria

You are the VP or Training and Development for your current workplace (or a previous workplace, or a fictitious workplace, if you prefer).  You have been tasked with creating a leadership development program for all of your companys managers.  You have determined that it is best to use a consultant or consulting agency to design a program that significantly impacts your companys managers so they can improve their leadership skills and competencies.

Request for Proposal should include

Consulting firm selection criteria Guiding Principles:

What core competencies should the selected consulting firm have?

What experience should the lead consultants in the project have?

How can the selection team determine whether the proposing firms can: 

Provide solutions which will generate positive outcomes for your organization on a cost effective basis?
Provide knowledge capital and world class experience to assist your organization in designing (and eventually implementing) an effective leadership training program?
Deliver quality work with strong skills, a good work ethic, and communicate effectively?
Be proactive and positive when dealing with inevitable project management and execution barriers and problems?
Be accountable for budget, schedule and quality?
Deliver a quality result on time and within budget.