Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Capstone in Criminal Justice & Criminology

Assignment: I need to introduce a policy to a criminal justice agency that does not already have it. The policy has to be NEW and ORIGINAL to that specific agency.

Topic: The policy would require the paroled individual to complete some sort of education program upon release. Such programs can consist of completing their GED or a type of vocational program.

What I need the writer to do is to find me an agency that does not already have this in place. The one I am thinking about is the Cook County Department of Corrections which is located in Chicago, IL. Please verify for me if this agency already has a parole condition such as the one that I am proposing. Please also provide me with other correction departments that do not have such a program in place. The class is a capstone class this is the first phase of the project. Again, please read the policy that I want to introduce that is under the topic. Then please verify if the Cook County Corrections Department already has such a condition upon release or not. Then please provide me with a few more larger departments such as ones in California, New York, Florida, etc etc. I want to find one that is in a larger city because it will be easier to write about and a lot more information on it. So please find a corrections facility that does not have such a condition, but also has a lot of information on its website and on its actual correction/parole. Please do not find a small city or town that does not have this type of condition. This is a list and not an actual essay. You can provide me with some information about each department, but does not have to be essay format.

Later on, in the phase, I will have to write about why this specific agency needs such a program and do a “needs assessment” so the department you find has to be larger and provide a great amount of information on it. Preferably, a department with a higher recidivism rate that would benefit from such a program. The agency also needs to benefit from this program so please do not find one that is run very well or has low recidivism.