Critical Thinkin

Critical Thinkin

Review the scenario and answer the questions:

You are still the Director of Staffing (congratulations!) and you have a recruiter who is accustomed to more traditional face-to-face recruiting, shaking hands with many potential applicants, and smiling all the while. She does her prescreening for KSAOs (knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics) while she is talking with the potential applicant, and only invites those who pass her pre-screening to sit for a full interview.  She personally sees 100 candidates a month at various job fairs and recruitment events. Eighty-five percent of her applicants are hired in some position in the company.

You have converted to an online recruiting process, and pulled your recruiter off the street and into her office. You get over 6,000 online applications per month. Ninety percent of your online applications are eliminated at your pre-screening. You manage to get 60 qualified applicants (1%) to be able to sit for an interview, and about 50% of those are hired in some position in the company.

Is this new method better?  If so, how do you convince your traditional recruiter that online recruiting is better at identifying KSAOs in candidates? If not, why do you believe the traditional method is better?

Identify and explain one potential pitfall or challenge you might encounter with this new online recruiting process.

You must cite at least one source in APA format.