Director of a luxury hotel company

Director of a luxury hotel company

For this assignment, you will interview someone who works in the career field that you are most interested in(Director of a luxury hotel company) and write a report of your findings. The interview can be conducted by phone, email, correspondence, or in person.

How to Format Your Information Report:

Your report should be formatted like this:

Typed into a word processing program and printed out
3-4 pages long
Use 12-point Times New Roman font
1-inch margins on all sides
Double-space your text
What Your Report Should Contain:

Your report should include the following:

A title page that includes the business card information (or staple an actual business card to the title page) from the person you interviewed, class title and section number, date of your interview, and of course your name
A list of the questions and answers resulting from your interview (at least 10 questions and answers). The interviewee’s answers should be detailed. Present your report in a question-answer format. For example, present Question 1 and then the interviewee’s answer; then Question 2 along with the answer, and so forth.
A 1-page summary of information (do not go over 1 page) of the interview including the following:

a. Why you chose the interviewee?
b. What was the most positive aspect that you learned from the interview and why?
c. What was the most negative aspect that you learned from the interview and why?
d. Has your perspective changed about your career choice as a result of the interview and why?
e. What are your next steps after the interview?
a copy of the thank-you letter (or copy of a thank-you card) that you sent to your interviewee.