Discussion Board Assignment post two

Discussion Board Assignment post two

Criminal Acts

Criminal acts refer to actions leading to violation of laws, which is punishable by the government (USLEGAL, 2019). Misdemeanors are offenses of less aggravated than felonies, and therefore they are punishable by imprisonment and fine. A felony, on the other hand, is a crime of grave (Flight & Pardew, 2018). Felonies are punishable by death or imprisonment of more than one year.

Criminal acts include Robbery, which refers to a theft involving physical harm of a victim or inflicting fear and threat of bodily injury. Murder is defined as an act of killing with intention. Attempted murder can only be proven if the defendant had the intention to commit a crime or the defendant’s action did not result in a crime or the defendant unconcealed from committing the crime.

Euthanasia, which is also known as mercy killing, is a criminal act of putting a person with an incurable disease into a painless death. A manslaughter is an act of killing a person without cruelty. A conspiracy is an act of two people coming together to commit a criminal act. Larceny, which is also stealing, can only be proven if, without reason, the perpetrator took and carried away the assets; the culprit did not own the goods: the offender took the assets intending to hold it permanently. Abuse is the mental or physical harm of a person.  Sexual assault is an act of sexual contact or behavior without the consent of the recipient.
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***From the paragraph  provide an example (i.e. create a “story” that applies the concept).
For example, if a student discussed the rules of searching a vehicle trunk, you are to provide an example (i.e. a little story) of a police officer conducting either an illegal or a legal search of a vehicle trunk. This learning process is called “application” and will enhance your critical thinking skills. This forces you to “think”, not just to memorize and regurgitate material, which any circus-trained monkey can do. The goal is to prepare you for the real world, which will expect you to think independently. If you are ready to submit your second post, but there are insufficient initial posts for you to choose one,