Ethical Leadership

Ethical Leadership

I need a 12 pages to for the research paper
4 pages for topics
4 pages for theory
2 pages for the Recommendations
1 good paragraph for the conclusion
1 page for the abstract.
I have attached the research paper guidelines,

The paper is about how the Navy puts people is leadership positions that are not ready for the leadership positions (does not have leadership traits).

For the organization part of the paper Which is part 1. (intro) add this to the paper
I have done already its attached to help better understand what you are writing about.

Part 2 of the paper or the topic.  1 1 page for each topic.
    Leadership Development
            Leadership Attributes
            Leadership Behavior
            Skills for Development others.

Part 3 of the paper is Theory. 
Each topic needs to have a theory but only used 2 theories.
You choose the theory you can used 2 theories for each topic. (I know on the guidelines said to use 1 theory, but you can use 2

Part 4
You pick the recommendations

I will attached PowerPoint slides for the theories.
Also they will be power point slides for the topics.

Please if you have any questions please contact me.