For Writing King

For Writing King


Interface names may vary among network device types. The interface names shown in the topology image are consistent with those found in the lab activity document. Use the IOS show interface and show controllers commands to determine the actual interface names for the devices used in the lab pod.

When you have completed the activities, answer the questions that are within the individual labs in a Word Document. Within your submission, include your completed . Save and name your file, “CIS204_U2_LabAssignment_LastName.docx“.

You must complete the activities in the following order:

  • Lab Configuring OSFPv2 Advanced Features
  • Lab Configuring Basic EIGRP for IPV4
  • Lab Configuring Advanced EIGRP for IPv4 Features
  • Lab Troubleshooting Advanced EIGRP
  • Lab Troubleshooting Advanced Single-Area OSPFv2