Generative & Algorithmic Art

Generative & Algorithmic Art

Part a,
Create a set of instructions, an algorithm, or a quasi-algorithm that generates a piece of art.

This algorithm art piece should be written in WORDS, not in code. It may employ any medium may be visual art, music, sculpture, architecture, dance, performance art, digital art, or some other medium not yet considered.The constraints are: 1) your instructions must be able to be completed or performed by between one and four people; and 2) your instructions can be executed by anyone in the class (i.e. no special high-end equipment is needed that only you have).

Remember how Sol Lewitt’s quasi-algorithmic pieces are written in words, but executed as wall paintings.

Recall from our discussion in class that Algorithmic or Quasi-Algorithmic art involves the artist creating some kind of instruction set to define the process by which the work of art is created. In the case of the Lewitt Wall Drawing that we studied, the work may best be considered quasi-algorithmic because the output will have variation each time it is re-created.

Think of your creative algorithm as a generative or algorithmic artwork of some kind and name it thusly.

Part b,
I showed instructions for a Generative Album Cover. Follow the instructions (provided below) to make a generative album cover artwork.

Go to Wikipedia. click:

-Click ‘random article’ from the navigation menu to the left (5 items down).

– The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

Go to
-Click ‘random quotes’ from the navigation menu to the left.

– The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your music album.

Go to Flickr and click
  – Look at the clock on your computer and whatever the minutes number is (i.e. if clock says 9:23 then you would use the number 23), then counting left to right across the rows of images on the Flickr page, that will be the picture you will use for  your album cover.

Use Photoshop, GIMP, or similar to put it all together. (I used FotoFlexer , entirely online.)

Submit the final image

In addition, submit a short paragraph (.doc, .docx., or .pdf file) describing the
  kind of music you imagine being made by the band. Again, be creative!

I offered an example and a pdf may help.