1 PAGE EACH Question

Question 1

Part 1
Explain the relationship and differences between a political party and an interest group? How do they interact? From where does each get their power and are they necessary in todays political climate?  Which one is more powerful in TX and why?

Part 2
Research an interest group that you would like to join, but never knew about. Tell me all about it. How many members, what do they advocate for? where are they located, what issues/bills are they working on now? how much are membership fees? (The following groups are too well known, so don’t use them- NAACP, NOW, NRA, Greenpeace, PETA)

Question 2

Texas has always sought to leave the power with the people as much as possible, thereby limiting the power of the government. In the legislature, we have a part-time legislature made up of the citizenry. Do you think this is still applicable and appropriate today or are problems so complicated that we need professional full-time legislators? Why or why not? Be sure to use FULL Detail here.

Part 2: Examine the filibuster. First, give me a clear explanation (i.e. a seven-year-old should be able to understand it) of what it is. Then tell me the pros and cons of it. Lastly, give me a good argument about whether we should keep it or not; use examples past its use in the TX legislature to help your argument.

Question 3
Part 1
The Texas governor is considered one of the weakest in the country. Why was he made so weak and how does that weakness reveal itself? Should we increase the powers of the governor today? How does the structure of the Texas Executive Branch reveal or affect these weaknesses? Is this model sustainable today and in the future?

Part 2: The Governor of TX is a strange position. He is ultimately in charge of the state on a day to day basis and we give him tremendous powers to do so. However, we have eliminated any way for him to keep a secret from the people of TX. Meanwhile, the President of the United States can keep many secrets from the people of the United States. Do you think the Governor SHOULD be able to keep a secret from the people of Texas?