Develop a Food Service Facilities Program

o    Formulate complete equipment and small ware lists from the standardized recipes.

o    Do this for every area in the facility (see attached)

o    Create a bubble diagram, as discussed in Chapters 2, 3 & 4  (Disregard the Bubble Diagram)

o    Use the guidelines in Chapters 2 to guide you through this activity, and relate your finished work to the points made in those chapters


Important Notice!!!!

Class, for Part (C) of the Course Project respond to the (4) bullets for example; for bullet (1) you are ask to compile a complete equipment & smalllwares list from the standardize recipes. Basically tell me about the equipment you would used to create your (5) entrees you submitted in Part (B). You must also complete the Foodservice Facilities Program Worksheet that is located in the Course Project Guidelines. Some of you may have completed this Form already in Part (A) if so you can copy and paste it for this section as well.

Your paper must be minimum 400 words double spaced, Font size (12), it must also include the following: 1. (Your Name, Date and Course Title for example (HOS440: Hospitality Facilities Management & Design). 2. If you used the following to conduct your research: Internet, PowerPoint slide or E-Book as a reference then you must cite it as a reference on your paper using the APA format.

NO MORE THAN 20% Reference use allowed. 80% in your own words and thoughts. Follow APA Guidelines when writing.