Nursing clinical reasoning

Nursing clinical reasoning

Respon to the disction below
  Substantial postings are more than just saying “I agree.”  Substantial postings add to the point made, provide more information, ask a probing question, or share an experience.  Also, APA  format

ase Study Community Health Nurse:  You are a Community Health Nurse and are

making a home visit to a family in a nearby town.  You do not know the family and have never met them before.  The father is not at home when you visit.  However, the mother is home caring for her son, Pedro, who is six-years old and home ill from school.  You assess Pedro and discover bruises on his chest and back.  You ask Pedro how he got the marks on his chest and back and he tells you his father.

What should you do?  Include rationales for why you should take this action.

The first thing I will do is to make sure that Pedro is safe by checking whether there are any internal injuries and I will do it by carrying out an assessment or investigation (Clements, 2015). From my experience as a nurse, I know that a bruise form once a blow breaks blood vessels around the skin surface which causes the blood to drip into the tissues beneath the skin. One t appears it is reddish appearance matching the color of the blood in the skin. Besides, a bruise differs with age, among young people it may take fairly somewhat of force leading to a bruise. What in know it that blood vessels become more delicate as one becomes older.. To minimize bruise, I will try a cold compress that is by applying ice wrapped in a plastic paper bag in a towel. This will reduce blood flow in the affected area. Lastly, I will make sure the case is reported to the relevant body and action taken  ( Powell, 2016). I believe this child abuse and it should not be tolerated at all. 

What are the two assumptions you have related to this case?

I will assume that Pedro what hit by his dad

I will assume that there are no severe internal injuries.

What questions do you want to ask?

There are several questions I would like to ask to determine the level of damage or injury. The first question is what objects might the father used that led to the marks on his chest and back. The level of force applied that led to the bruises and last but not least, whether the dad had been hitting Pedro regularly   


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