nursing research

nursing research

A major skill that is learned in this course is how to critically read and appraise nursing research articles according to the guideline found in your textbook. The purpose for appraising an article is to critically evaluate the research process followed by the author(s) of the assigned article. This is an information-intensive, time-intensive process that is not learned overnight. To demonstrate your skill at appraising an article, you will complete this open-book assignment.

Here’s how you should approach completing this weeks assignment to begin appraising an article:

1. First, do your assigned reading in Gray, Grove, and Sutherland (2017) each week. This will introduce you to the critique skills you will need for the week.

2. Skim the entire instructor assigned research article that has been posted on CANVAS in Module 1 Reading and on the assignment for you so that you will have an idea of what it is about. For this week, re-read carefully the introduction/literature review /theoretical framework and methods sections of the article again.

3. Print the Research Article Appraisal, Part One Assignment and find the best answer to each question based on your Gray, Grove, and Sutherland (2017) assigned readings and on what you have read in the instructor assigned research article.

4. Some of the questions in the critique assignment below will seem unfamiliar to you. Look up key terms from the question in your textbook. Some examples of these terms might be problem statements, hypotheses, or variables. You can also look in Chapter 18 for an example of a critical appraisal of a quantitative research article.

5. You will write a formal paper for this assignment using the paper guideline found below, including APA, citations, and reference page. Do not leave the questions in the paper, do not use a template for this paper. Once completed, upload your assignment to the assignment submission link by the time and date listed on the Course Schedule.

6. Feedback will be provided after all assignments for this week have been entered for credit.

Article :

Research Appraisal, Part One


Qualifications of the authors are noted as found in the article (did educational preparation and clinical experience of the author[s] support qualification to conduct the study?). (3 pts) The title is discussed in terms of the type of study, variables, and population. (3 pts) All elements included in the abstract discussed: purpose, design, sample, interventions and key results if applicable. (3 pts) Cited appropriately. (1 pt)

Literature Review:

dentifies and discusses clinical problem and evidence of significance to nursing. (4 pts) More than one major topic in the background. (4 pts) Are the sources current? (2 pts) Discussion of primary and secondary sources? (one example ) (2 pts) Were the articles used in the ROL appraised give examples (was a summary noted of the artcles)? (4 pts) Was a gap in the literature addressed? (4 pts)

Research Problem, Purpose, Research Questions/Hypotheses:

Identify the research problem of the study. (3 pt) Identify the study purpose. Does the purpose clearly address a gap in nursing knowledge (research problem) identified in and supported by the ROL? (3 pts) If there are research questions and/or hypotheses, identify them and discuss whether they follow from the research problem and purpose? (3 pts) State whether each of these were implied or explicitly stated. (1 pt)

Theoretical Framework:

Adequate description of the framework. (3 pts) Is it implicit or explicit? (1 pt) List the important concepts within the framework. (2 pts) Gives at least one example of a relationship among two of the concepts (2 pts). Identifies if there is a map or model in the article (2 pts)


Major variables are identified. (4 pts) Correct variable labels (IV, DV, RV) (4 pts) Discussion of how the variables are defined conceptually and operationally based on previous research and/or theories. (4) List the demographic variables. (4 pts) Discussion of extraneous variables from authors perspective found in the study (this is not your opinion) (4 pts)

Research Design:

Correct design type was selected. (4 pts) Explanation of how the design type matches the studys objective, question, or hypotheses. (1 pt) Explanation of how the design type provides a means to examine the studys purpose. (1 pts) Describe the study procedures (including recruitment, screening for eligibility, consent, timing & method of measurement of demographic & key study variables, and intervention if applicable). (5 pts) Was the description of the study clear enough to be replicated? (1 pt) Describe the groups, how were they assigned (if applicable). (4 pts )Were the extraneous variables identified and controlled (not your opinion, but what the author says) (2 pts) What are the limits to generalizability (external validity). (2 pts)

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Writing Style & Format:

The paper will be a 6-10 pages of text, double-spaced, excluding title page and reference list. Pages in excess of 10 will not be graded. Use professional and orderly presentation of ideas (full sentences, precision, clarity, format, grammar, spelling, & punctuation) with appropriate citation of sources. It is expected that the use of quotations will be limited, no more than two quotations per paper (1 point will be deducted for each quote over the limit). Use the APA guidelines and the General Guidelines for Papers in N5366 throughout this paper. Up to 0.5 points will be deducted for each grammar, spelling, punctuation, or format error. Content errors will be greater point deduction.