Organizational and System Leadership in nursing

Organizational and System Leadership in nursing

Read White, K. R. & Fontaine, D, K.  (2017). Boost your nursing leadership career:  50 lessons that drive success, Read Lesson 15:  Commit to Integrity and Ethical Behavior

Read Essential VIII, pp. 26-29 of American Association of Colleges of Nursing (2008). The essentials of baccalaureate education for professional nursing practice.  Retrieved from

Read Provisions 6, 7, & 9:  American Nurses Association. (2015). Code of ethics for nurses: With interpretive statements. Silver Spring, MD.

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Problem Solving the Staffing and Fiscal Scenario

Jill, The Nurse Manager of the Surgical Unit is dealing with a scenario that incorporates both staffing and fiscal/finances.

Jill has noticed that for the last few weeks, when she is not there, the unit is staffed with 1-2 more nurses than the staffing patterns and acuity show is necessary.  This is concerning because it is spending over budget, but Jill wants to determine what is going on.  This morning, while pondering what to do about the situation, a nurse from another area in the hospital said she noticed the staff were websurfing and spending time chatting in the report room a great deal of the shift.

Pretend you are Jill.  What action or actions would you take first to problem solve through this scenario?  Describe your actions and the rationales for your actions to problem solve this case.

Include at least two citations and references in your initial discussion posting.  Use APA format. ask one question at the end