Program Outcome One Reflection

Program Outcome One Reflection


You will address each outcome individually in a 250 word reflection posted as a discussion topic. 

Reflections on the individual program outcomes will include:

  • Your understanding of the concept;
  • How you feel the curriculum provided you with the knowledge and skills to meet the outcome;
  • What courses and activities in the curriculum addressed the concepts of the outcome.

The first outcome for this week’s assignment is:

  • Facilitate and support leadership in public safety administration to manage successful programs, including intergovernmental, interagency, and interdisciplinary outreach


Example 1

This weeks reflection addresses a multitude of aspects used in providing effective leadership to subordinates. Informed decision-making, goal orientation, teamwork, ethical behavior, enhanced technology, and good communication could all be considered tools necessary to provide both leadership and management skills, and each tool offers unique characteristics learned in various classes that culminate in a well-rounded and versatile toolbox.  

***you can give examples***