Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment

Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment

Many laws are in place to protect student information. For this discussion begin by reading Chapter 7, next review the Model Notification of Rights Document Under the PPRA on the  website, and read the scenario below. Answer the discussion question at the end of the scenario using the following chart to determine which legal issue you will focus on when providing your response:

Students Last Name              Legal Issues

Begins with A-H          Childrens Safety & Personal Records

Begins with I-P                        Familys Rights

Begins with Q-Z                       School Policies


A local university operates a federally funded preschool offering high quality early education to the children of the universitys faculty and students. A group of graduate students attending the university has requested permission to conduct research on a small sample of the preschool children in the center. They are especially interested in the development of children who have not received immunizations. If the director grants permission for the students to do research, what does he or she need to keep in mind regarding access to the children and their records?