Racial and Ethnic Identity Development and Self-Esteem: Taking Pride in Being Different

Racial and Ethnic Identity Development and Self-Esteem: Taking Pride in Being Different


Write a one 1 page paper using the scenario provided below.  Based upon the course concepts explored include your analysis as to why the teachers were reluctant to consider race as a factor in young childs behavior.  Furthermore, include a culturally competent approach to addressing this situation:
African American parents enrolled their young son in a predominately-Caucasian preschool.  Approximately one month after this child started preschool, the parents began getting calls from his Caucasian teachers complaining of non-compliant behavior.  After several meetings, the Caucasian teachers repeatedly made inquiries, wanting to know what was going on at home that was causing him to act out in school.  After several months of similar occurrences, the African-American child came home and declared to his parents on multiple occasions, his desire to be white.  Some of these conversations included claims by the African-American child of his knowledge of the existence of magic pills which turn African-Americans Caucasian.

The African American parents called a meeting with his teachers and told them some of the natural challenges their young son was experiencing, specific his racial identity, in a predominately Caucasian environment.  Furthermore, despite a small number of interracial, Hispanic/Latino/am and African-American classmates, their child was the darkest child in hue.  Consequently, these challenges are factors to be taken seriously in relation to his behaviors.

After approximately two minutes, the teachers interrupted the parents to explain how it is perfectly normal for children to daydream they are someone else.  One of the teachers told me that her son used to change who he was every week: a firefighter, a football player, and then a truck driver. After teacher the finished, the African Americans asked, Has your child ever come home wanting to be Black?  The teacher responded, No, but it is kind of the same thing.  The African American parents responded, No, its not the same, because your son can be a firefighter, but my son can never be White.

Assignment Submission:

The use of outside resources is strongly recommended and all papers must be cited and written in APA format.