reflection journal

reflection journal

What is your “superpower?” In other words, what is something you are really good at? It could be an academic skill like math, or something non-school related like cooking, acting, being a good listener…

What are the things you are drawn to in life?

What things do you find interesting?

How do you like to spend your time?

What would you love to get paid to do?

What things make you curious? What things do you want to learn more about?

What things don’t keep you interested? What do you find boring or hate doing?

What kind of worker are you? Are you someone who does things on a highly regimented schedule? Do you prefer to work in small chunks every day or are you a 6-8 hour cram session type of person?

Do you work well under pressure?

What are your go-to procrastination activities?

Do you enjoy working with others, or prefer to go it alone?

Do you have preferences about where you do your schoolwork? Do you need a quiet space like a library? Can you work at home without distraction, or do you find you have to go somewhere to focus?