Skill Themes and Movement Concepts

Skill Themes and Movement Concepts

Write a 3 – 5 page paper (NOT including the title or references page!) Your entire paper should be in APA format; double spaced, font color black, font size 12, font style Time New Roman, with a cover/title page (e.g., name of the course, your name, name of the assignment, and date), and References page (reference your textbook and other sources if you wish) in APA format. NO abstract is necessary! Include an introduction paragraph, body, and a conclusion paragraph. DO NOT list the questions below with an answer under each. These questions are a guide for topics to be discussed in your paper. Quotes should RARELY be used in formal papers if ever!
    Why is having physical education in our schools more important now than ever before? (e.g., minimum 1 Paragraph 3 to 4 complete, well-constructed sentences)

    Why should children take physical education? (e.g., minimum 1 Paragraph 3 to 4 complete, well-constructed sentences) 

    What makes a quality physical education program? (e.g., minimum 1 Paragraph)

    What is the importance of skill themes and movement concepts in physical education and how do they improve the quality of a program? Explain. (e.g., minimum 1 Paragraph 3 to 4 complete, well-constructed sentences)

    What is the social, historical, and cultural significance of regular physical education for children. (e.g., minimum 1 Paragraph 3 to 4 complete, well-constructed sentences). This is to get you guys thinking and for you to answer based on your thoughts and outside research.
For example, how do different cultures feel about the significance of physical education/fitness/activity? Do they think it’s important? Why or why not? Give examples.

Historical significance you can just focus on the U.S. How have we treated physical education/fitness/activity during different times in history? For example, what significance do we place on physical education/fitness during war time and non-war time?

Remember you only need a paragraph on each (e.g., a few sentences for each).

    Construct a purpose statement that reflects the current state and national documents related to teaching physical education (SHAPE Society of Health and Physical Educators). (e.g., minimum 1 Paragraph 3 to 4 complete, well-constructed sentences.
For example, The goal of physical education is to develop physically literate individuals who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity (SHAPE America, 2014).

Note: to cite the ebook or Create textbook it should be as follows on your References page: Insel, R. (2012) Core Concepts in Health (12th Edition). McGraw-Hill Companies,
Inc. In order, to cite it within your essay it should be: (Insel, 2012).

Please DO NOT Google and pull things from online and then just paste the web site as a reference on your references page or within your paper! This is NOT proper APA format! If you use web sites as references whether its stats and/or an article it must be from a valid/credible/reputable source and be cited in proper APA format.

See the APA format folder in the module to ensure proper APA format for your references page and MiraCosta College APA Style & Citation Guide for citing references with in your paper

See (e.g., see sample paper link) click the Start Prezi in the center to access the paper. You can also visit the Writing Center in the MiraCosta library.

Note: Given the resources above there is NO reason NOT to have a properly APA formatted paper!

Please note you may use our library’s online database . ProQuest is recommended as it has the most sources to draw from. You can use ProQuest, EBSCOhost, MEDLINE, or Health & Wellness. Be sure to click Peer Reviewed and Full-length journal articles when you do your search. 
Note: I would encourage all of you to continue working on your writing as it is one of the most valuable skill sets you can have. Most colleges and universities have a writing center where you can go to get help. Your institution may also have workshops/seminars you can attend and of course you can always take a formal English class, which focuses on writing in order to improve your writing skills.
Some of the basics to remember when writing a formal paper:
1) Proper grammar and punctuation
2) Include an introduction and conclusion paragraph
3) Indent paragraphs
4) First sentence of the paragraph should be the topic of the paragraph
5) Paragraphs should be a minimum of 3-to-4 well thought out and constructed sentences
6) Cite material if it needs to be cited
7) Paper has a clear organization and flow
8) Refrain from using direct quotes
9) Do not use “I”
10) Do not start sentences with Because
11) Try not to use the word “that” if you can help it as it’s over used
12) Do not over use commas when they are not necessary as this is a very common error.
13)  Do not say, “Based on studies and/or research” without citing the specific studies or research.
Please utilize the textbook chapters, Internet, and library databases as resources and site in APA format where appropriate. For example, (Graham, Holt/Hale & Parker, 2013).

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