Summative Assessment: Motivation and Intercultural Management

Summative Assessment: Motivation and Intercultural Management

Presentation format of your choice (PPT, Prezi, etc.) that includes all of the details noted in Part 3 of the assignment
Submit no more than 20 slides, not including a reference slide, with an overview and conclusion slide
Use voice-over or the notes section to write the full discussion or thoughts that would be presented in person
Provide at least 4 pieces of supporting (or challenging) evidence from the literature that details how leadership should handle cross-cultural business with this country
APA reference slide with the list of references you used to create your presentation
This assessment will build on all the cultural research you have done up to this point in the course. As you complete each portion of the assignment, continue to ask yourself how this would impact the workplace, how you would handle cultural differences, and what are the key items leadership and organizations must keep in mind. 

It is encouraged that you conduct an interview with someone from another culture, but if you struggle to find a contact to interview you can conduct research on a culture other than the one you did in 4.1 discussion board.

Part 1: Interview/Research

Identify a person from a different culture than yours. Ask if you might interview him/her about what motivates that individual, and how their cultural upbringing has played a role in what they value at work and when choosing a place to be employed. Remember, the person who you are interviewing may already be influenced by living in the United States and has assumed this cultures values and beliefs. See if you might be able to tease out of your participant his/her specific cultural beliefs and values that motivate his/her work ethic. If you are doing the research you must collect information on work ethic, motivation, and cultural differences from at least 3 different sources.

Part 2: Training Presentation

Design a training presentation on this country/ethnicity for leadership. No more than 20 slides that incorporate the information you discover from your interviewed participant or research.

Details to include in your presentation:

A brief summary of who you interviewed, their cultural background, and insights you gathered from this discussion. If you just did research, be sure to provide a thorough overview of the cultural norms and sources you used.
The unique dynamics of working with the ethnicity/country of origin so as to be prepared to deal with potential problems or differences.
Discuss how motivational drivers might differ and how this would impact the organization.
Do not only address the differences but also recommendations for motivation and cross-cultural business.