The Services

The Services

Either A) Share an experience you had in the joint environment.  What impact did that experience have on your Partner-service outlook? 

Or B) If you have never experienced a joint environment, how can stereotypes of a Partner-service impact future joint operations?

I choose A.

I serve in Jbouti Africa from 2008-2009 and before going into that particular theater as a Navy sailor, I had to train with the Army for a few months. Even though I thought the experience with working with another branch was cool, it was still something I had to get use to and it made me appreciate the rich history and heritage of the Navy and how the difference between how the Navy treats E-7 and above then how the Army does.

For the small assignment please touch on the differences between the Navy and Army difference in how E-7’s are looked to as leaders and the differences in where they sleep or eat.