the writer will choose

the writer will choose

Write a 7 pages essay on ONE of the following topics:

Write a 7 pages essay on ONE of the following topics
Globalization is an uneven process. It creates pockets of wealth and sites of violence in various parts of the globe. In discussing this statement, explain how globalization policies impact womens and men by focusing on one of the

gender roles and gender relationships
LGBTQ+ issues
Structural adjustment programs
Gender and migration
Sweat shops/Human trafficking
Gender and armed conflict
Social Change and transformation

Film Review Assignment:
Film: Dam/Ages

Essay Requirements:

Focus on women or gender
Select any country (of your choosing) as the focus of your essay
You should make specific reference to *at least* 6 references (4 from the class readings + one of the course documentary films) in your essay.  Please find 2 other scholarly references (of your choosing) to help with your selected country topics.
The essay should be 7pages, doubled spaced, 12 point font– please do NOT use bullet format.
You must use MLA citation.
Please check the attached grading rubric.

In answering any of these questions, students should examine both:

a) The challenges facing women (men and children if applicable);

b) And, examine men/womens strength and ability to overcome these challenges.

the writer can choose the topic and can choose any 3 of the reading attached bellow.

Important note: Please check the essay grading rubric that is attached to this learning module before submitting your essays.