Assignment presentation instructions:
The maximum word count for assignment 1 is 2,000 words. The format is not specified however a hybrid between an essay and a short report is preferred with concise analysis being more critical than form.

    You should submit your assignment to Moodle by the deadline as a word.doc(x) file only. Include your student number in the header or footer.
    The usual late penalties apply.
    You must also complete the assignment coversheet once more for this assignment.

Assignment questions
Case Study: CASE: Decoding the DNA: Toyota Production Systems

Read the case: CASE: Decoding the DNA: Toyota Production Systems and answer the following questions:
1)    Using the information provided in the case and your knowledge, prepare a short description of Toyota successful approach of operations management (Underline the features and/or the characteristics that made the Toyota operations a successful system).
2)    The Toyota Production System is a paradox. On the one hand, every activity, connection, and production flow in a Toyota factory is rigidly scripted. Yet at the same time, Toyota’s operations are enormously flexible and responsive to customer demand. How can that be?
3)    Explain the reasons behind the failure of other organizations to follow and to implement Toyota successful approach of operations management.
4)    Describe and scrutinize the performance learning model developed by Toyota.

Case link: