Training plan for Nestle organization

Training plan for Nestle organization

The Assignment will be a 4-8 page essay on the Nestle organization.
You will write a proposal on how you plan to implement education and training within the organization to address the opportunities and challenges associated with managing across cultures. The emphasis for the Assignment is on the country of origin for the assignment, so the paper is written from that foreign countrys perspective.

Since Nestle is a Swiss based company, you will write the proposal as if you are physically working in Switzerland creating a training proposal for employees who are Swiss based employees, employees from the U.S and other countries who are working in Switzerland at Nestle.

In your paper add a brief executive summary (no more than 1 page), which will include your training plan, associated costs, and human resources required. In the body of the paper, address the concepts learned and explain if they are applicable or not in the Nestle organization. At the end of your paper, write a couple of paragraphs about what you learned about the Nestle organization as it pertained to the culture in Switzerland and your current perceptions about the Nestle organization.

Use a minimum of 3 – 4 academic sources in your Assignment.

Use APA style and cite your sources.