Want answer in 3hrs

Want answer in 3hrs

Question 1)
In order to interpret the Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM) diagram. It is recommended that we start  from the outside of the diagram. 

Briefly name three (3) components required to successfully conceive a complex set of inter-operable processes and implementable procedures and structural elements.

Question 2)
In chapter seven (7), we have learned from “The Path to Information Value” that Seventy percent of managers and executives say data are extremely important for creating competitive advantage.

In addition, it is implied by the authors that, The key, of course, is knowing which data matter, who within a company needs them, and finding ways to get that data into users hands.

Looking at the Economist Intelligence Unit report, identify the three (3) phases that led to the yards rebirth.

Should atleast 250 words each question with references.