Week 3

Week 3



What are some of the ways that leaders can help teams build cohesion within their work groups? (Cite and give specific examples)

How does turnover and bringing in newcomers influence a process of group socialization? What are some practices that make a favorable match between a newcomer and a team?


Answer the following in essay form (double-spaced, APA format):


a) Each team member must choose a specific country with which will be that team members portion.

b) In a global or international context in which companies have cross-international teams (i.e., teams whose members are from around the globe), identify the possible causes of communication or decision-making failures for teams in each members country because of cultural contexts and communication differences that may occur. 

c) List some measures or ways that these problems might have prevented problems from arising within each teams communication system

d) Submit a single paper, with the names of each team member on the paper. This is to be in essay form with an introduction, body, summary, and one reference section. Only one student will submit the teams paper.

 You will need at least five peer-reviewed sources per team member to support your claims.