Why most college students buy essays online

Why most college students buy essays online

Why most college students buy essays online

Essays are writing assignments given to college or high school students in the course of a semester or term. When lecturers cover a certain topic in class, they give college students that topic as an assignment in order for them to research on it extensively.

Custom college essay writing involves in depth research on a topic given, therefore, much time and resources are spent. For professors to accept a paper as a standard college essay, it must follow the procedures that are set in essay writing, but, also considering the requirements of the instructor in charge.

Reasons why many college students buy essays online

Some college students are talented on writing, and can write an essay with ease. On the other hand, some find it difficult even putting two sentences together let alone write an essay of three pages or over. That is why custom writing services come in handy.

It is understandable that people are created differently, and that there are many factors that would influence college students not to write their own essays.

Students turn to buying essays online due to limited time, to beat deadlines, lack of writing skills, complicated assignments and desire for high grades. For these and many other reasons, essay writing services are of most importance to college students.

1. Lack of Time

There are various reasons why many college students use an essay writing service online during their time in college. One major reason is that time maybe a limiting factor to most of the students. If there is a short time to complete an assignment, there is no other way but to let professionals do the essay writing.

2. To beat tight deadlines

The writers can write the essay within hours before the target deadline time given for the assignment. Many college students participate in such activities as like sports or clubs. Therefore, many find it difficult to complete an assignment in time, and would rather an expert write a quality essay.

3. Lack of writing skills

Majority of the college students will be more than willing to pay for an essay from essay writing service online since they do not know how to write a quality and original essay.

Some simply feel uncomfortable with all the literature or creative writing for one reason or the other. Students have different academic abilities so those who do not have the brains for creative writing will run to essay writing services for help.

4. Complicated assignments

The assignment given can be too complicated and confusing for some to comprehend. Even the most talented writers may find the essay writing challenging.

This is a good reason to let the professionals from essay writing service online do their work. These are expert writers who deliver high quality work.

Critics of custom college essay writing services

There are those who oppose using an essay writing service online to buy an essay. Some college students say that they would never use these services. The reason they give is that the services are not legitimate. They believe that those writers are not professionals but just ordinary individuals from different countries who plagiarise.

Other critics to essay writing services say that they would rather take their time to write an essay than buy one at a very high price.

Others claim that the writing services are not of quality because of the personal experiences they passed through. That is why; they vow never to return to using online services.


College students prefer to buy a college essay from an essay writing service online due to one reason or the other. The main reasons are that the students lack enough time to complete an assignment, lack of creativeness or writing skills, and complexity of an essay topic.

Other people may not be willing to use online services due to their own reasons.  What matters is that a student gets assistance from any college essay writing help available.