why public schools are better then private

why public schools are better then private

what i wrote so far  i need to  finish the supporting details here is the 3 details i need to explain
pharagraph 1
    1.  no tuition
    2.  so parents are able to stay financially stable
    3.  they must except every student

pharagraph 2
    1. type of clubs
    2. more options for sports
    3. offer gem programs

pharagraph 3
    1. transportation
    2. living near your peers
    3. safety
(no transition)

pharagraph 4
(opposing ARGUMENT 4-5 SENTENCES )

pharagraph 5
(restated thesis)
(summarize main points)
(call to action (already finished)

(hook/grabber)According to Alyssa Klink, Colleges see private schools on applications and immediately think money. (explaining hook) This quote reveals that when attending private school everybody automatically thinks your wealthy. However, private schools are not what it seems and not always the best choice. All public schools are run by the U.S government, they have a much larger population which allows the school to offer more resources for students. Based on where you live, you are zoned for a specific school you must attend. Since public schools have so many options to choose from, this makes some children want to transfer to a public school. (position statement) Some advantages of going to public schools are not having to pay a tuition, having a large amount of choices for clubs and sports, and everything is in close proximity.
(topic sentence) To begin, some parents send their children to public schools because it is less expensive compared to private schools. (supporting detail 1) (supporting detail 2) (supporting detail 3) (transition to the next point 2)

(topic sentence) Most private schools do not provide multiple sports or even clubs as an option. On the other hand, public schools supply various options for students to choose from.(supporting detail 1) (supporting detail 2) (supporting detail 3) (transition to the next point 3)

Most important of all, a child’s safety means everything to a parent. (supporting detail 1) (supporting detail 2) (supporting detail 3)

(opposing argument) 3-4 sentences

(restate thesis)      (summarize main points)      (call to action) Parents do not hesitate, take consideration into sending your kids to a public school. Think about all the advantages they have in public school.